Welcome to Dragon's Bluff, a D&D (5th edition) campaign by Montana!

The campaign setting is Forgotten Realms (Sword Coast area is the start).

I am going to be using the D&D Adventure League Season stuff from a few seasons back to get us started.

Ideally, the campaign will be for 4-6 players with a daily posting frequency.

This is going to be an action game with lots of combat and not as much heavy back story like my Approaching Storm Pathfinder Campaign (If you like that, please join that campaign ;) )  

Character Creation:

  • Player's Handbook (5th) and Unearthed Arcana
  • Stats either rolled per p.16 or take the standard scores: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8
  • Starting coin and gear as per the creation rules on p. 17.
  • If you need the rules, they can be found in PDF form at https://dnd.rem.uz/5e%20D%26D%20Books/

The campaign is beginning in Neverwinter.

I am going to be using adventure hooks and often place the players at starting points so we can get into the adventures quicker.  If you like to roleplay all of that "stuff" that goes on in between adventures, my other campaign "The Approaching Storm" is that full- RPing experience.

I will be using tactical maps for most combat as (D&D) has some BEAUTIFUL tactical maps!

Please let Montana if you are interested in joining.  

Dragon's Bluff

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