New Sheet awaiting montana’s ok.

Due to my fuckup on orc pub there area few changes FOLK HERO not Gladiator
She lost her great club
She supposed to be a Silver not gold

Personality Traits
Simple she prefers to solve problems directly by removing them

Friend to All despite outbursts of rage she is generally kind and quick with jokes laughter and loves to talk.

My Sword is my Shield none will harm those I care for

Friends Family Country Gods Ideals distant Kin anyone and everyone

Violent prone to violence towards those that threaten those she cares for (she cares little for her own ell being)

Born the smallest of three she set her sights early on being the “biggest” something she took rather literally

As she grew older she would eat the most jump the highest go the furthest play the longest what few enemies she made quickly became friends not because of some remarkable charisma but of her unwavering fortitude no matter the odds steadfast loyal and rarely without a smile

She would take the blows unflinchingly and invite them for ale after the one thing that sets her off is watching her friends harmed



Dragon's Bluff Montana B1tF0x